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what we do

We turn your advertising dollars into profit so you can scale your business and get your message out to the world.

facebook advertising

With billions of people using Facebook every day, you can bet your target market is there. And if you place a targeted ad on the platform directly in their newsfeed, your chances of reaching them skyrocket.

We create highly targeted ads that reach your ideal customer and convert them into buyers.

google advertising

Google is the mack daddy of online advertising. It allows you to show your ads to the people who are likely to be interested in your products and services, while filtering out those who aren't.

We create Google Ads that show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.

funnel audit/coaching

Without a great offer and copy that sells, even the best advertising can't convert your leads into sales. Before we start any advertising, you need a working funnel (no matter what anyone tells you.)

Our funnel audits and coaching packages ensure your offer is rock solid BEFORE you send traffic.

they said

"She got us an 8.9% conversion rate, low CPC, and high CTR right out the gate."

janine suvak

ecomm coffee

"She got us an 8.9% conversion rate, low CPC, and high CTR right out the gate."

I wasn’t just launching a new product I was launching a new business. Launching without an audience or an email list. The launch was entirely dependent on Facebook ads… and Tammy. She did it all: created the ads and managed everything. That’s the best part about hiring an expert, really - being free to focus all my energy on my part knowing Tammy was running the ad campaign. She warned me it was a test, and there would be optimizing to come as she had more data to work with, but HOLY COW she got us an 8.9% conversion rate, low CPC, and high CTR right out the gate. Can’t wait to see what happens with optimizing… or our next launch!

meet tammy

Results-driven, dynamic Director of Sales & Marketing turned Certified Master Marketer, Tammy uses all of her digital marketing smarts for good...

My name is Tammy Critch and for almost 20 years, I worked as a highly successful Director of Sales & Marketing for a number of multimillion-dollar companies and led each of them to higher than expected revenue targets and thus, higher profits.

I’ve trained and led teams (of 100+ team members) that boosted profits & positively impacted the bottom line of these multimillion-dollar companies and I’ve helped successfully bring their businesses online.

Now I help busy entrepreneurs like you scale to a multiple 6-7 Figure online business using proven advertising strategies that attract your ideal clients, 10X your leads & sales, and grow your income with minimal time & effort on your part –and without confusion, tech-overwhelm or working harder than you should.


our process

Here's how we'll get reliable, predictable & scalable profits with your digital advertising...



First, we'll determine the result you want to achieve with your advertising campaigns and develop a clear plan of action for how to achieve your marketing goals. Whether it's awareness, consideration or conversion, we'll develop the optimal campaign to get you those results you want.



Before we create an advertising message or decide where we’ll run it, we must identify whom you’re targeting. Determining the exact audience for your service is the next step in developing your ad campaign. Only then can we craft the ultimate marketing message your ideal customer will respond to.



Next, we'll audit your funnel and digital assets for conversion capabilities, determine optimization opportunities and make any recommendations for adjustments that may be required before we start sending valuable traffic. (This is where most advertising fails and advertising dollars are lost.)



Now we're ready to craft the ultimate marketing message - one that attracts your ideal clients and converts them into buyers. Working closely with you to capture your message and vision, we'll create stunning images that draw your customers in and write conversion copy that sells.



We never take our eyes off the prize. From the moment your campaigns start running, we monitor and measure results daily and make adjustments when needed to optimize results and meet your goals. As your strategic partner, you'll always be informed of the maneuvers we make and the customized strategies we put in place to ensure your campaigns are profitable.



As soon as we are confident that your ads are performing within KPIs, any leaks in your funnel are filled, and we know your campaigns are profitable, we'll turn up the heat. Scaling your campaigns is purely a results-driven decision based solely on positive results we know we can maximize. We'll also look for ways to reduce cost per lead, increase your leads and sales, + more...

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